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The Tao Of Dave Part 2: The bladed boogaloo

You ever watch NCIS? Not exactly thought inspiring television. But it is a fun watch if you need to just…

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The Tao of Dave

The year my father passed away I was given a birthday gift. It was from my friend Bruce. I was…

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A Decade In Review

Another decade down. Holy shit a lot has happened. The world has changed quite a bit. And the way I…

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Meet Your Idols

People say you shouldn’t meet your idols. I say fuck that. Picture this if you will: The year is 2006….

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Find Something You Love and NEVER Stop Doing It.

Take a few moments to think of your all time favorite musician. Someone who just absolutely shreds on their instrument…

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Remember The Alamo

I’m not talking about the historical site in Texas. The Alamo of today’s tale is located in Sparks Nevada. It…

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The Bootlegger Takes a Long Cold Walk

The statute of limitations has expired for any crimes committed. The following story is mostly true. Some details have been…

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Silent Pantheon – A Review

Disclosure Notice: I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes. I promised the author brutal honesty….

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Why I Write

Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged. A big fat case of the “why bothers”. Then I remembered someone who…

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Rebuild and Moving Forward

The site has a new look. And there are new projects on the horizon.