It’s been a quiet week

In Lake Wobegon…… No wait, that isn’t right. But if you understand the reference, you’re awesome. If you don’t understand it, you’re still probably awesome. Just not as awesome.

Things are moving as planned. It’s kind of scary, actually. I get confused when things are going smoothly. I’m really excited for January 1st to get here so I can start writing. I’ve got a vague outline of where the story is going to go. But the 1st draft is basically just me telling the story to myself. And I’m itching to find out what happens.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know that I’ve been asked to be one of 4 authors featured in a podcast series. It will follow our progress during the writing phase of 85k90. One episode per month for 3 months. So that should be interesting. I’ve never participated in anything like that before.

I guess that’s about it for now. Hopefully next week I’ll have more interesting things to write about.

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